Friday, February 3, 2017

Certificaat Nederlands als Vreemde Taal 2017

Wie doet er dit jaar mee aan de examens Certificaat Nederlands als Vreemde Taal? Op zondag 7 mei kun je op vier verschillende niveaus een examen afleggen: A2, B1, B2 en C1. Voor meer informatie even een pb sturen aan Trudi.

Monday, January 9, 2017

Allemaal een Gelukkig Nieuwjaar toegewenst.
Morgen, dinsdag 10 januari, beginnen we weer op de afdeling in Alfaz del Pi. Tussen 15.30 en 18.30 uur verzorgen we de lessen Nederlandse Taal en Cultuur.
Op de afdeling Benitachell verwachten we een ieder op de woensdagmiddag en/of de zaterdagmiddag tussen 16.15 en 17.45 uur. Tot ziens!

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Camino de Santiago 2017. September 3-10.

Benitachell, January 22nd 2017.

Dear Camino friend!

I am very happy and excited about this year’s Camino de Santiago Trip from the city of Santiago de Compostela to the coast of Finisterre and Muxia in the region of Galicia.

Remember: We go for a relaxed and fun walk, talk & yoga week. Key words are: Flexibility and mutual decisions plus: ‘There is always a solution!’

The plan is to start walking on Monday September 4th and I have been able to reserve rooms the night before ( so September 3 to 4) in the Albergue Seminario Menor  in Santiago for only €12,- per person.

Day 1 (September 3rd) is a travel day. My advice is for you to book a flight for that day, and, if necessary because of flying times into Santiago ( or train connections from another city in Spain) I can book the previous night ( September 2nd ) into the same venue where we will all meet. Just let me know on time please.

Day 2 will be a walk from Santiago to Negreira, an estimated  22 km walk, around 5,5 hours of actual walking.

We will spend the night at (price to be confirmed)

Day 3 is from Negreira to Vilaserio and that will be around 12 kilometers walking, so around 3 hours on the road. DO remember that is a  walk, talk, and yoga holiday, so we are building in time for a morning start with yoga and an evening wind down ( before dinner that is!) with another yoga class.

We are staying in Albergue Casa Vella. ( price to be confirmed) (type in the names Negreira and Vilaserio to follow the route please)

Day 4 is planned to walk from Vilaserio to Olveiroa , around 25,5 km, so around 6,5 hrs of actual walking. But as you know, if you would prefer just to walk part of the distance, for whatever reason, we have the minibus ready to pick you up from the nearest village, reachable by road!

We stay in: (price to be confirmed)

Day 5 is from Olveiroa to Cee, around 21 km walking ( 5 hrs on the road) with a stay in for €12,- pp.

Day 6 we walk from Cee to Fisterra ( around 14,5 km, 3,5 hrs), where we will pick up our certificate and enjoy a lovely stay in Hotel Playa Langosteira on the beach front (€24,- pp), where we can do yoga on the beach and hopefully  go for a swim afterwards. After all, September is still very attractive weather wise , also in the northwestern part of Spain! (again use this website to see the route and distance)

Day 7 will be dedicated to a bus trip ( half an hour driving) to Muxia, the’other’ end of the world, where we will be walking around plus also be getting a certificate as pilgrims and then we will be driving back (1,5 hrs driving) to the city of Santiago where I have booked accommodation in a place at the university campus of the town ( €23,- pp) with a nice green lawn in front for our final evening yoga session. ( you can follow the route and distance by typing in the correct names)

All in all, a low budget, walk, talk and yoga holiday in Spain that you will never forget!


-        Your trip into and from Santiago de Compostela. Please plan to arrive in the weekend of September 3/4 and to leave one week later, I have reserved accommodation till Sunday morning September 10th

-        Your own travel insurance, health insurance, accident insurance and/or any other type of insurance that YOU (think or find you) need

-        Costs for transportation of you and your heavy luggage during the actual walking days, including from and to the airport of Santiago de Compostela is around €100 pp

-        Costs for accommodation and food, 7 nights, always a shared room with 2, 3 or more (!) sometimes with breakfast included and often with the possibility to enjoy a home cooked dinner (Spanish style) is around €250 pp

-        Donation for the yoga classes and your Spanish speaking organizer/bus driver at your service is €125 pp

Remember you are traveling with us on your own account and responsibility. You are part of the group, but everyone is independently responsible for their own health, well-being and personal spending. No one else but you are responsible for your own movements, actions and events!

Actions to be taken:

  1. Confirm your participation by email ( Name and contact info in case of an emergency plus a confirmation of the receipt of this letter please)
  2. Book your flight to and from Santiago de Compostela ( watch the correct dates please)
  3. Send me a copy of your flight details
  4. Bring up any question, comment or suggestion now; there is enough time to integrate changes and extras.
  5. Start saving money: I will need deposits soon ( half march) to reserve the minibus and make bank transfers of down payments for accommodations

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Zomerschool in Benitachell vanaf vrijdag 1 juli 2016

Vanaf vrijdag 1 juli zomerse lessen Nederlandse taal en cultuur in Benitachell. Tevens hulp en uitleg voor alle vakken in het Spaanstalige basisonderwijs!
Bel met Trudi van Dorp via 639361999 of schrijf naar