Monday, August 5, 2019

FESTIVAL OF JOY. ACIM. Costa Blanca 2020

At the Sunny Costa Blanca we have been studying A Course in Miracles for over 20 years, mainly at Finca El Milagro, a purpose built and renovated old farmhouse, where we have held meetings with hundreds of people and numerous of wonderful and loving teachers of ACIM, in various European languages.

Now is the time to organise a - bilingual English and Spanish- festival with the aim to bring people together who wish to celebrate the JOY and reJOYce the Love radiating from the pages of the blue book, but even more, to experience the Light , recognising it in the eyes of brothers and sisters as we are all Children of God.

The structure of the festival is: coming together for 3 days (Sunday 4 pm till Wednesday 4pm), September 20-24, 2020. Eight speakers; every speaker with a 1,5-hour slot twice, including Questions and Answers. The theme is JOY and reJOYce.

We offer various workshops and gatherings alongside, like playing the board game MIRACLE CHOICE (Experience the power of Choice) in different languages.

There will be a special meet and greet area where therapists offer pamper sessions and where you can encounter friends from all over the world!

We also offer one free post conference day as many would love to spend some more time at this very attractive coast, enjoying the sea and the company of friends. Speakers are welcome, suggestions are welcome.

Your stay is in Calpe (province of Alicante); we have organised the festival itself in a beautiful hotel. For the participants there is a choice between the same hotel or two youth hostels (both on walking distance). All lodgings are on less than 10 minutes walking to the (sandy) beaches, where we will be offering early morning yoga, walks and meditation/ silent time sessions of course. There are 3 evenings with music, laughter and dancing. This festival is a celebration and open to all students/teachers of A Course in Miracles.

Access is easy, flights go to the airports or train stations of Valencia, Alicante or Murcia, with a shuttle bus service- in all cases- directly to the hotel.

Included: great festival venue (bring your swimsuit!) 3 vegetarian lunches, 3 vegetarian dinners -all you can eat-; 8 international speakers, 3 entertaining (with artists, music, dance, films) festival evenings, unlimited coffee, tea, water during all 3 festival days
THIRD TERM BOOKING: BOOKED BEFORE JUNE 1st 2020.           € 300,00 pp
LAST MINUTE BOOKINGS till September 1st:                                 € 325,00 pp

Fill in the booking form when you are interested, payments: ask for details

NB: You arrange and pay for you travel costs plus accommodation (bed & breakfast) yourself

We provide you with a list of accomodations available.

In gratitude and with the Love that connects.

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