DRU Yoga, Meditation, Relaxation, Dance

DRU yoga 40 years in Europe!

Tailored for the 21st century, yet rooted in ancient yoga traditions, DRU yoga has rapidly made its mark as one of the most effective antidotes to the stresses of modern day living.
You can enjoy its benefits whatever your age, state of health or level of fitness. Both graceful and potent, its distinct feature is that it strengthens the powerful field of energy surrounding your heart, which in turn harmonises every level of your body and mind.


Camino de Santiago .Walk, Talk, Art & DRU 2019.

Dear Camino friend!
I am very happy and excited about this year’s Camino de Santiago Trip around Burgos.

Remember: We aim for a relaxed and fun walk, talk & yoga week. Key words are: Flexibility and mutual decisions plus: ‘There is always a solution!’
September 2019
Start and finish in Burgos, Spain.

All in all, a low budget, walk, talk, art and yoga holiday in Spain that you will never forget!



Why is Dru Yoga beneficial to you?

It's is easy to perform, and won't strain your body.
 It helps you to sleep better, and increases flexibility whilst reducing stress.



Classes are given by Trudi van Dorp, 
fully licensed and experienced DRU instructor.


Contributions DRU classes:

1 group session is        € 6,-

1 private session of 60 minutes in the Pueblo de la Luz 22D, Benitachell is € 20,-

Private therapeutic  DRU sessions at your home are
                                        € 30,- per 60 minutes, plus € 5,- towards travelling costs

Call Trudi via: 639 361 999

DRU at the Costa Blanca:

DRU Yoga classes begin with music and dance, a fun warm up to start the process of waking your body up and leaving the stresses of your world outside of the class.

An Energy Block Release sequence follows. These are a range of gentle movements that continue the process of balancing mind and body each time we have ongoing situations that cause a build up of tension and even more of our energetic body being blocked, physically we feel this as pain and discomfort and illness.

An Energy Block Release sequence therefore works with the physical body to release the blocks in the energetic body, you may experience a feeling like pins and needles as the energy starts to flow again just as you would if you'd been in a position that blocked your blood flow and it releases. You may feel warmth or lightness, a feeling of letting go as your body physically, energetically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually begins to come back into balance.
Before beginning postures (asanas) we stretch and prepare the body so the appropriate muscles are ready for the posture.
The postures in DRU are the classic yoga postures however they are practiced with flow and soft joints. All postures are practiced in stages again proper preparation means you are able to achieve the posture safely and harmoniously. The practice of moving into a posture in stages means that DRU Yoga is accessible for everyone no matter your level of experience and fitness, age or gender.

A DRU Yoga Class ends with Relaxation or Meditation which gives time and space for the unconscious mind to relax and quiet the chattering.
You leave a DRU Yoga class feeling refreshed, relaxed and re-balanced.


Yoga en muziek in Residencia Montebello 2014.

Voor mensen uit en rondom La Nucía bestaat de mogelijkheid om, onder leiding van Trudi van Dorp, gediplomeerd yogatherapeute,  rustige en verrijkende yoga te doen met vloeiende bewegingen en nadruk op bewust ademhalen in een fijne en opgewekte sfeer.

Residencia Montebello is een prachtig complex aanleunwoningen met zorgcentrum vlakbij de CV-70, ‘de weg met al die rotondes’ tussen Benidorm en La Nucía. Het is de thuisbasis van Montebello Thuiszorg (http://www.montebellothuiszorg.com/nieuws.html ) en onder deze paraplu wordt er al meer dan vier jaar therapeutische yoga, dat is yoga met veel aandacht voor de rug, gewrichten en spieren, aangeboden.

In 2014 hebben Trudi  en professioneel musicus Inmaculada de la Rosa, een aantal speciale lessen samengesteld met een combinatie van DRU yoga en muziektherapie.

De tijd wordt gevuld met levende veelal klassieke muziek (Inma bespeelt haar fagot, klik hier voor de video opname: http://www.montebellothuiszorg.com/.../11/yoga-met-bach.html ), oefeningen met ritmisch klappen, praten/zingen en uiteraard verschillende bewegingen om met name de keel ( het keelchakra) te bevrijden van zogenaamde energieblokkades. 

Een en ander heeft tot gevolg dat er inderdaad sprake is van ‘een vrolijke noot’ en dat een ieder met een goed gevoel de gymzaal verlaat, want als afsluiting is er een diepe relaxatie. Deze workshops werden een maal per maand aangeboden.


Your body is designed for movement-it needs movement- a lot of movement!


Yoga, relaxation and meditation are increasingly being recommended by health professionals for people with or without physical challenges. 

The slow, mindful and flowing approach of DRU yoga, is a powerful healing tool and results in a lot of ‘success stories’ amongst my students who have started their yoga path looking for a way to improve the health of their body.

Within the medical field there is growing awareness of the importance of emphasising to people with back pain for example to ‘stay active’.
Your spine is one of the strongest parts of your body-it is reinforced by strong ligaments and surrounded by large and powerful muscles that protect it. Most simple back strains do not cause any lasting damage.

What you do in the early stages of (back) pain is very important. Rest for more than a day or two does not help and may prolong pain and disability; the sooner you start getting mobile and active again, the better.

As a therapeutic yoga instructor I tend to reinforce the principles mentioned above, particularly that movement should not be feared. It is inevitable that some, if not many of my students are experiencing (back) pain or have a history of physical challenges, and they may well be a little apprehensive about triggering further attacks. My classes aim to create a feeling of confidence in someone with pain and not reinforce any fears about ‘damaging’ their body.

Most back pain has a mechanical origin and is rarely due to anything serious.

There are a few symptoms however which are uncommon but if they suddenly develop in someone with back pain one should see a doctor straight away:

-Difficulty passing or controlling urine
-Numbness around the genital area
-Numbness, pins and needles or weakness in both legs
-Unsteadiness on the feet.

The practice of therapeutic yoga always honours ‘listening’ to the body, and the increased awareness that will naturally arise from practising yoga will help people discern which yoga movements are most beneficial for them, and if there are any directions of movement that seem to aggravate their symptoms.

I encourage my students to take responsibility for their body as a whole and if they have any concerns about movements that they may need to avoid, I advise them seeing an experienced health professional such as a physiotherapist or their doctor, who can advise further.

The postures in our yoga classes are the classic yoga postures however they are practised with flow and soft joints. All postures are practised in stages and proper preparation means you are able to achieve the posture safely and harmoniously.

The practice of moving into a posture in stages means that DRU therapeutic yoga is accessible for everyone no matter your level of experience and fitness, age or gender.

Practising yoga offers immense benefits to the health of the body; the Energy Block Sequences (a range of gentle movements that continue the process of balancing mind and body each time we have ongoing situations that cause a build-up of tension and even more of our energetic body being blocked; physically we feel this as pain and discomfort and illness) guide the students through strengthening and mobilising movements for the spine. Strengthening back and abdominal muscles requires daily attention.

We also offer fun and relaxing evening sessions with stretching and a deep relaxation. To calm the mind it is essential that a deep relaxation of muscles, ligaments and joints is guided into, so that indeed peaceful thoughts penetrate to the fullest. 



  1. The wonderful and sacred atmosphere of the Dôme in Alcalalí was the setting for a magical Sound and Meditation session last night at the Costa Blanca.

    Kate Moss and Nancy Loedy delivered the loveliest accompanying music that anyone can wish for. After a short warm-up with movements, participants were invited by Trudi van Dorp to experience a DRU relaxation working through the body parts for a deep healing effect whilst Nancy was playing the piano with a beautiful soft touch, and thus facilitating a profound and nourishing rest during this part of the session.
    Followed by a fascinating journey along the chakras in the classic DRU meditation way, with the calming effects of sound bowls.
    Then a most nurturing silent sitting thanks to the contribution of the flute, played by Nancy.
    The mutual singing of the sacred word OHM in the Light circle was the right way to finish this replenishing encounter.

    Many thanks to all present and to Michêle Averard and Nestor Kornblum for providing us with this amazing building, certainly unique in Spain and definitely special for all of Europe!

  2. What is DRU YOGA?

    Dru Yoga focuses on breathing and relaxation together with gentle stretching and work on the spine. You'll be encouraged to perform gentle flowing sequences rather than holding rigid postures, as is the case with some other forms of yoga. In Dru Yoga one of the main principles states that the joints must remain flexible throughout the session in order to permit energy to flow freely. Remaining stiff will only serve to place excess pressure on your muscles.

    Furthermore, each posture is used as part of a sequence thus encouraging movements with more fluidity, and for every pose there is a contraindication, that means you can achieve true balance.

    This is what you can expect during the Dru Yoga Sessions:

    1. Activation

    The class will begin with loosening up the body, enhancing circulation and drawing potential energy out of your core being. As a result, your body should feel free of tension and fatigue.

    2. Energy Block Release (EBR)

    Next you'll perform simple, flowing yet effective movements which are specific to Dru Yoga. They work to dissolve areas of tight or blocked energy on many levels – physically, mentally and emotionally.
    It is important to regularly release negative energy otherwise it can fester and influence behavioural patterns and physical well-being in a negative way. Scientific evidence suggests that when people feel loved and have close caring relationships that fill them with positive energy; the immune system becomes stronger and more resistant to diseases such as cancer, coronary heart disease, high blood pressure and other degenerative conditions. In essence EBR sequences act like a detoxification from the inside out.
    3. Postures
    The postures you will use are similar to those in other forms of yoga. However, they are modified and presented in stages so that you can achieve them, no matter what you level of ability. This means you'll be able to experience a sense of accomplishment and ease within your body as the movements required are well within most people's range of movements.
    4. Relaxation
    You will feel the benefits of all the postures and sequences during this phase as your body has time to settle and balance itself.
    5. Meditation
    We will do Meditation after completing all the previously mentioned steps. Meditation becomes much easier if done after yoga, as internal agitations and discomforts have been cleared, so your mind should feel more focused.
    Why is Dru Yoga beneficial to you?
    It's is easy to perform, and won't strain your body. It helps you to sleep better, and increases flexibility while reducing stress.

  3. Hi Trudi,
    Friday January 18th 2013.
    A quick note to say a big thank you for yesterday's class. My neck felt SO much better afterwards...I slept really well and it even feels good today too !
    Viva Yoga !!

    Anne XXXXXX